Top 10 Mom and Dad Blogs I'd Like To Read

Counting down to #1...

The Top 10 Mom and Dad Blogs I'd Like to Read

10. "Brokeback Mommy: I wish I new how to quiet you" This mom blogger sparked a mountain of controversy after disclosing how she punishes her kids in. Read for yourself in her post, Out of the Closet. With her caustic wit and rural Wyoming homestead, she's often been referred to as the Rosanne Barr version of The Pioneer Woman.

9. "Big Mother" This mom of four writes her blog parodying the reality show Big Brother--the only difference is, three of her kids are older than 18 and she can't kick them out of the house.

8. "Cool Hand Puke: Musings on Failures in Communication" This daddy blog by a Father living in the deep south is a well-written account of moments with his 4 year-old son. Favorite post: The one where his boy chows down on two dozen hard boiled eggs. Hilarity ensues.

7. "Parent Normal Activity" A light-hearted blog about a mom's search to discover who is responsible for all the little messes, and disasters happening around the house. (Hint: she is highly suspicious of her twin boys.) In the "About" page she explains how she got the idea after coming home to find the Ouji Board in flames on the coffee table. Uh oh!

6. "Tuesdays With Mommy" This touching blog is filled with incredible photos and can be a real tear-jerker. Wordless Wednesdays will have you reaching for the Kleenex by the handful.

5. "Red Hot Poopie Diapers: What You Got I Gotta Take And Clean It Off You." Very cool blog by a former rocker turned stay-at-home dad is a real hit with both moms and dads. It's full of a number of insightful little numbers including his trial-by-fire education on breastfeeding under the category tag, "Mother's Milk."

4. "The DAD-churian Infuriate" After losing his seat in the California senate and unable to find work again, this dad blogger writes about his struggles with being forced into the role of a full-time parent (sound familiar?) before realizing how he'd been brainwashed by societies definition of what it means to be a man.

3. "JetBlue Momma: I'm not a stewardess; I'm your Mother!" This fiery mom of toddlers watched her site quickly vault into Babble's list of Top Mommy Blogs (she's ahead of dooce), after posting an account of her reaction to being hit in the head with an unapologetic women's diaper bag during a playgroup function. And what did she do? In a huff, she grabbed two boxes of Juicy Juice and exited the playroom via the kiddie slide.

2. "Hairy Father and the Prisoner of Diaper Rash" This absolutely hysterical blog by a nervous first-time daddy is collection of funny stories about muddling through the nuances of taking care of a new baby, along with his attempts at losing weight before the kid can walk. In a clever twist, he plans to rename the blog like volumes as his daughter gets older--"Hairy Father and The Order of The Fruit Snacks" (toddler) and "Hairy Father and The Ulcerous Stone" (teen years) are a few titles being kicked around.

And the number one title of a Mom or Dad blog I'd like to read...

1. "I Skull-BLEEPED Mary Poppins!" Don't let the hard-core name of this dad blog fool you. Surprisingly it's a tender collection of heart-felt poems and maxims dedicated to three little girls by their father who's a franchise owner of a Denver area Build-a-Bear.

NOTE: I searched all over and to my knowledge these blogs don't really exist. Some were close, but not close enough for me to drop them from my list. (If anyone proves me wrong, then I'll link to their site and totally give them all the credit in the world.)

And please, if you can come up with some of your own, put 'em in the comments. I'm sure there are better titles you can come up with.

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