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Over the lifespan of Clark Kent's Lunchbox, I've had the privileged to work with a number of well-recognized brands (listed below) on projects both big and small ranging from short-term campaigns to ambassadorships. These have been rewarding opportunities with reciprocal value for all parties involved.

When working with me, you can be assured of a professional relationship with an experienced background of executive-level management in the corporate world. This gives me an added dimension in understanding your company's or your client's aims. In applicable cases I will supply you with statistical feedback that can be used in gauging the ROI.

If you are a brand or PR firm interesting in working with me, I am always glad to hear from you; however, please keep in mind a couple things:

This blog is a personal blog, written and edited by the owner.

I do not guarantee that the service(s) I provide will guarantee the success of a campaign or product.

I do not offer refunds once services have been provided and payment has made for said services.

If a project is halted midway and services have been provided I will charge a kill fee (usually 40% of agreed amount).

I DO NOT do product reviews, paid advertorials, second-party posts, promotional giveaways, or coupons. 

I will not post offensive material/ads regarding race, gender, religion, etc.

This blog is “PG13” and avoids nudity, strong language and off-color humor.

This in not a political blog, and therefore, does not endorse the political views of any party or affiliation.

The views expressed on this blog are mine and do not necessarily reflect the ideas of those I may represent.

This blog may contain content that could present a conflict of interest, and might not be identified.

I comply with all applicable regulations set forth by the Federal Trade Commission on the disclosure of compensation, products, etc in exchange for services rendered.

All material represented here is the original work of the owner unless otherwise stated and is protected under a Creative Commons license.

If you address me as “Clark” in your emails, I will blow you off like a fly on my cake.

Please review my MEDIA KIT for a full list of disclosures.

Thank you.




PR Firms

Below is a downloadable media kit for Clark Kent's Lunchbox

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