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Jordan, Sheen, Rios--Experts all
I read recently in US that a couple of Charlie Sheen’s porn star friends, Melanie Rios and Kacey Jordan, insisted that he was a good father. I know, I know. But, before we all go rushing to any premature judgments about these two young ladies just because of their chosen profession, I think it’s worth taking a step back and considering all angles first.

Why is it we as parents are so quick to dismiss the opinions of those in the sex industry as if they were a bunch of kids sharing their thoughts on eating broccoli and that planned visit to Aunt Mildred’s? Am I the only one who feels it hypocritical that we extol the parenting exploits and triumphs of mainstream entertainers like Kourtney Kardashian and Tom Cruise but thumb our noses at those in the adult sector of the biz.

Allow me to be among the first, then, to stand up and affirm my faith in the word of these women. There’s no doubt in my mind that Sheen, for all his ranting and raving in other matters, is a model of parenthood, especially after Rios, who’s appeared in such films as Humper to Bumper 2*, and Slut Puppies, told US that Sheen “adores” his kids. And when Kacey, the star of Gag Factor 3 says Sheen, “really, really likes being a good father,” how can I argue otherwise?

Think about it. Who better understands the rigors Sheen has to endure as a single parent out there shaking his moneymaker to provide for his children? Strippers and porn starts, that’s who. For most of these young ladies, not having at least one kid would be like a Barbie doll coming without high heels and a purse. For these hardworking, tax-paying moms, life is a constant juggling act involving the same professional endeavors and family responsibilities Sheen is contending with on a daily when not in the hospital.

Furthermore, I believe our narrow-mindedness has blinded us to another blatantly obvious reason as to why porn stars, strippers, and call girls are more than credible in defending Sheen’s parenting prowess. Given that they’re famous for their daddy issues, wouldn’t these women be able to recognize better than anyone a good father when they see one? Truth be told, I’m betting a lot of Charlie’s lady friends wished he could be their daddy, and from what I know about Charlie’s generous nature in opening up his humble pad to them, I’m sure he’d oblige them.

Nanny AND Porn Star? That's job security.
However, if I had a lone criticism of Sheen as a father, and it’s a minor one, it’s that he asked his porn friends to keep an eye on his two year-old twin sons. Charlie, what were you thinking? Don’t you realize what an awkward position you’re putting these ladies in by asking them to play actual babysitter on your behalf? I mean how confusing is it going to be for them if the cable repairman and the pizza delivery guy both show up at the front door?

Even the porn stars had you beat in the common sense department on this one, Charlie. I’m referring, of course, to Jordan’s reaction after you told her the kids could have Animal Crackers for a snack before bed and then handed her a card with your emergency contact information as you heading out to the club.

“I was like, honestly, are [your ex-wives] really going to let a house full of porn girls watch their kids?” the darling of Ice Cream Bang, Bang 2 said in the magazine interview. I think we’d all agree, Jordan’s observation is rather astute, further proving my point here.

To be fair, though, Sheen’s been under a lot of stress lately, and so a minor slip up is understandable. Parenting is hard, especially when you’re out of work, but surrounding yourself with good friends like Rios, Jordan, and now “the goddesses” to help you through the pain of having your children taken from your home is a wise move. Like I always say, you can never have too many porn stars, strippers, and prostitutes out there telling the world what a good father you are. I’ve got one word for you Charlie Sheen the dad. Winning.

*All of these are the titles of real movies ...I wasn't about to link to them.


Batman Takes On A Muslim

I think the video really speaks for itself as to the polarized and in many cases, ludicrous extremes some have gone to on this issue. There's much more I could say, but for now, I'll just leave it as is with a satirical take on things. Speaking of which...

What happens when a Jew and a Muslim start a podcast together?  No this is not a line from a joke; it's actually a pretty cool idea called "Hey! That's My Hummus!" hosted by Mike Sheinberg (Shiny's Takeout )  and Faiqa Khan of Native Born.

In a world of crazy, it's nice to see an example of people who can respect other people's differences. Kuddos.  ZWT72ARG3CT8

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Batman's Muslim Sidekick
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Can Women Abuse Men? The Most Revealing and Personal Post I've Ever Written

Now that I'm working almost full time it's rare for me to string together two posts in a week, but hey, whaddayaknow. Today The Good Men Project published an article of mine that I've had on my mind for a long, long time, but have always held back on because of my policy never to talk publicly about my ex-wife or about the darker details surrounding my life prior to meeting my wife Ashley and the girls. So why did I choose now?

Several weeks ago, my ex and I got into an argument. She accused me of "pimping out" my boys in my book, and that I was embarrassing them with my writing. This despite the fact she's never read the book (there's little in there about the boys) and has only perusing through a handful of blog posts from over a year ago (one's I've showed the boys). However, she did agree to consider giving me more access to my sons if I would both stop writing about the boys and shut down my blog altogether.

I agreed, and the matter was settled. But my decision bothered me. Since I've known my ex-wife all I've ever done is give in to her demands, and here I was giving in again--giving in on not only quitting what I love, but also on the legacy of words I have been compiling for my three sons to read on their own one day so they will know who their father was and how he felt while they grew up 1,300 miles away.

After a few days, I changed my mind. My reason? I kept asking myself when does being controlled by someone, like my ex stop? There are untold thousands of men out their in my shoes, maybe more. Many are in worse situation than I by far. Refusing to talk about my ex may have been a sincere and noble gesture on my part, but in not sharing my story I'm also holding back when I can be helping others on a larger scale.

When I told my ex that I would never stop writing or shut down my blog, her reaction was predictable and any hopes of being able to be more connected to my boys were off the table. I knew that would happen, but felt it worth taking a stand. In the meantime, I will go on looking for creative avenues like this one to keep fostering that connectedness with my sons so they know how much I love them.

This article is by far the most revealing and open thing I've ever written for the public to read. Here's and excerpt:

I remember exactly what went through my mind at the suggestion that I had been emotionally abused by my now ex-wife. Horseshit. The very idea sounded ludicrous. I had been an all-state athlete, an Infantry Captain, and an accomplished corporate executive—positions that required strength and mental toughness. The only halfway legitimate version of an abusive wife I could conceive was that of a 400-pound woman squashing her rail-thin, hen-pecked husband because he forgot to bring home the extra side of gravy she wanted from KFC—fodder for Jerry Springer, Tyra, and all those talk shows that specialize in bringing off-the-chart social dysfunction to the masses. I don’t think so, girlfriend. I knew who my baby mama was, and I didn’t need a paternity test to prove that the three boys born during eight years of matrimony were mine. On the other hand, I would be quick to admit that our blessed union was anything but.

You can read the rest HERE

If there's someone you know in this situation, please share it with them so they know they are not alone. Thanks. 


A Rarity, A Project, A Cause

My Inspiration for this project 
Rarely do I ever directly ask for help. Ask my wife. She'll repeatedly off to lend me a hand as I run around with my hair on fire trying to finish 87,000 projects and assignments, only to watch me slam into a proverbial wall where I finally crash and burn. Even then she'll offer yet again, and I'll still turn her down. I have no idea where this comes from--pride, ego, stupidity, an irrational fear of relaxing? Who knows.

If the statistical chances of letting my wife do me a favor are on par with TheJackB and Daddy Files flip-flopping their respective love for Lakers and Celtics, then the odds of a number 18 seed winning the NCAA men's basketball championship are higher than me asking others for help. Well, get ready because not only will TheJackB dress up like a leprechaun and Daddy Files being rooting alongside Jack Nicholson, but Sister Mary's School of the Blind be cutting down the nets in Houston ...maybe. We'll see, but in any case, I'm going to request your help.

Click Here
Another anomaly is for me is to promote products, events or programs, but when I saw the Wear the Pants Project run by Dockers, I had to admit it was more than I could resist. The longs and (mostly) short of it is I have a chance to complete a project I've been working on for nearly two years aimed at being a part of school literacy programs. This project is deeply personal as the video I made will explain.

All I'm asking is that you go to my Facebook page on the Dockers Wear the Pants Project and vote for me, and secondly, after you've voted would you please share this with your networks. You can also vote multiple times--once a day in fact. If you happen to do this, I would be exceedingly greatly. Also, I'll apologize in advance for bombarding everyone with this from now until the 15th of March.

And, hey guys, I encourage you to post an entry of your own. If you do, I'll vote for it--just let me know by including the link and your idea in the comments section to this post (that way it gets a little more visibility here too). Hey, I know help is two-way street.

Oh, and if any 18th seed wins the March Madness tourney this year, remember, I called it here first.

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