A Rarity, A Project, A Cause

My Inspiration for this project 
Rarely do I ever directly ask for help. Ask my wife. She'll repeatedly off to lend me a hand as I run around with my hair on fire trying to finish 87,000 projects and assignments, only to watch me slam into a proverbial wall where I finally crash and burn. Even then she'll offer yet again, and I'll still turn her down. I have no idea where this comes from--pride, ego, stupidity, an irrational fear of relaxing? Who knows.

If the statistical chances of letting my wife do me a favor are on par with TheJackB and Daddy Files flip-flopping their respective love for Lakers and Celtics, then the odds of a number 18 seed winning the NCAA men's basketball championship are higher than me asking others for help. Well, get ready because not only will TheJackB dress up like a leprechaun and Daddy Files being rooting alongside Jack Nicholson, but Sister Mary's School of the Blind be cutting down the nets in Houston ...maybe. We'll see, but in any case, I'm going to request your help.

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Another anomaly is for me is to promote products, events or programs, but when I saw the Wear the Pants Project run by Dockers, I had to admit it was more than I could resist. The longs and (mostly) short of it is I have a chance to complete a project I've been working on for nearly two years aimed at being a part of school literacy programs. This project is deeply personal as the video I made will explain.

All I'm asking is that you go to my Facebook page on the Dockers Wear the Pants Project and vote for me, and secondly, after you've voted would you please share this with your networks. You can also vote multiple times--once a day in fact. If you happen to do this, I would be exceedingly greatly. Also, I'll apologize in advance for bombarding everyone with this from now until the 15th of March.

And, hey guys, I encourage you to post an entry of your own. If you do, I'll vote for it--just let me know by including the link and your idea in the comments section to this post (that way it gets a little more visibility here too). Hey, I know help is two-way street.

Oh, and if any 18th seed wins the March Madness tourney this year, remember, I called it here first.

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