Chicks Love Tetris

Up until several months ago my life was a perfect model of balance (*cough, cough*)—a model of perfect balance until a certain friend and her husband introduced me to some goofy game, the premise of which involves enraged birds, aloof swine, and flimsy-looking structures begging to be knocked down. Some friends. This game—this stupid, trivial, addictive game nearly ruined me! They might as well have taught me how to “hot rail” a heaping dose of low grade crystal meth, given the effects of this game on my mind.

“Can I get this thing on my Blackberry?” I asked refusing to lift my head from the glowing light of the screen that illuminated my face.

“No,” one of them said. “It only comes on the Android and iPhone.” Read More


The One Thing My Kids Would Sacrifice Food, Air and a Virgin Cat For

Should psychologists ever use my children to reassess Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, their findings would conclude that cable television should be added alongside air, food and sleep as essential human needs. In fact, it may actually outrank food and sleep, given the children’s eagerness to forgo both if it means feasting on just one more episode of iCarly or that androgynous spaz, SpongeBob.

Until recently, we didn’t even have cable and I simply connected a laptop to the TV to access our favorite shows via the Internet. For all intents and purposes, this proved to be more than adequate in fulfilling our entertainment needs. That, and it was cheap, too.

However, as a concession to my wife’s burning desire to watch shows at their regularly scheduled times rather than wait a day before they were available for download, I agreed to order cable once we moved into our house. Within days of settling in, I made the call to the cable company. Soon, we had access to an infinite number of channels, the dauntingness of which was further exacerbated by the additions of a DVR and On-Demand viewing.

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One of my favorite writing opportunities I'm lucky to be a part of is for the Let's Play community. Let's Play is a partnership between Dr Pepper/Snapple and KaBOOM, a non-profit organization dedicated to getting kids to play (and not video games either). This is a short post about siblings at play.

My siblings and I during much younger days
When it comes to how well my children get along, I consider myself lucky. Sure they have their fair share of spats, but the nature and frequency of these moments would, I suppose, fall under the category of “normal” – if there is such a thing. (Then again, none of my five kids are teenagers either, so there is plenty of time for arguments in the future!) For the moment, though, I’ll gladly take a tiff about a video game selection or a toy’s legal owner over, say, a knock-down, drag-out involving the same girl- or boyfriend. (With a 12 year-old, two nine year-olds, an eight year-old, and an almost seven year-old, I am not na├»ve enough to think this won’t someday happen. Sigh.)

Until that near apocalyptic event occurs, however, I’m storing away mental images of the kids pretending to be Star Wars characters as they chase each other around the Galactic cul-de sac on their speeder bikes. Sometimes they are one big bunch; at others, they break down into groups of two or three and go off in separate directions. After a while, everyone switches, and they reform based on who wants to play volleyball and who wants to dig holes in the flower garden.

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