Five Years Passed, New Adventures Ahead

This month marks the 5 year anniversary of Clark Kent’s Lunchbox, but even more exciting, it also is the end of a journey to be reunited with my three boys. Yes, for those of you who don’t already know, our family is complete again. All my lamenting, enduring, and questioning over the previous years can now stop. A new phase in our lives begins, one I hope to chronicle a bit more faithfully than what I have been in previous months.

Despite everyone’s best wishes for a smooth move, it was anything but. For starters, I stuck a knife through my hand in a moment of adult stupidity a week prior to the big day. This required surgery to repair severed nerves and the fingers in my left hand will remain numb for at least 6 months.

Then, on the day I’m pulling the moving truck up into the driveway, Ashley finds out that BP reversed the decision they made in March, allowing her to telecommute and just like that she was out of a job. (As if BP didn’t already give us enough reason to hate them.) This naturally puts us in a tight spot but even so, doesn’t diminish the joy of being with my sons again.

Not to be sound like a Debbie Downer, but moves of this magnitude are hard. The transition can be hard to weather. Such is the case with my two stepdaughters and understandably so when if comes to leaving behind family and friends. They act like their normal crazy selves during the day. Last week they got the outlandish idea to write on each other’s behinds. Avery gave big sister Allie a Pac Man tattoo while Allie in turn wrote “I like little butts and I cannot lie,” on Avery’s tiny tuckus.

At night though, they cry to their mother about missing their own father who over the past year had really took an active role in their lives—more so than even me I have to admit. I feel badly over this but we are being proactive in keeping everyone in contact via text, phone, and video chat.

The new house is both nice and… interesting. The walls are spotted with an array of electrical switches that operate lights in mysterious fashion that keeps you guessing as to which one they will turn on in a whack-a-mole sort of anticipation. The backyard is spacious and comes complete with a playhouse which the kids have already filled with junk like squirrels storing nuts for the winter.As far as the weather goes, it is temperate with cool mornings and warm afternoons. At night there are fireflies that blink in the dark. It’s just like the summers I remember growing up at the kids’ age.

And so a new adventure begins for the Lunchbox crew. Who knows how long it will remain alive on this blog—maybe another five years, maybe more. We’ll just have to see.  

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