The Romantic Game

After an all too short weekend with the boys, I woke up this morning to homemade Valentine's Day cards from Allie and Avery. Avery, who's the resident artist, drew a large heart on a white piece of paper. Inside the heart she wrote: 

"Dear Ron, Thank goodness you're here in time for Valentine's Day. And I got a tattoo of a kitty on my BUTT! (giggle)" 

While you're digesting that one, let me describe Allie's. It was a made using purple construction paper folded up in squares. On the outside it said, "The Romantic Game" (do I want to know?), and a button drawn on it marked "push." Once you press the button, it unfolds once, revealing the choices of "make up" or "break up." I went with the former. Then you open it up one more time where you now have four squares with a corresponding number of choices, "kiss," "hate," "love," and "boyck."

"Boyck? What's Boyck?" I asked.

"It's supposed to be boink," my wife explained.

"Boink?" I could think of only one definition of this word that would remotely relate to this day, but surely--

My wife completed my thought aloud, "Sex."

Allllrighty then. How can you not love kids with such ...creative minds.

My Valentine's to my wife and kids are less, shall we say, icky.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!!!

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