The Death Of Cool At Home Of The Uncool

Hello all. Just to let you know, today I am filling in for prolific DadCentric writer and all-around good guy, Mr. Always Home and Uncool (@homeanduncool) while he's off for the week. And as you will see, I'm demonstrating my level of coolness for his readers.

But before sending you over there, one thing I would ask is that you take a moment to help in the fight against the painful and potentially deadly autoimmune disease Juvenile Myositis. Mr. Uncool's daughter suffers from JM, and even the simplest of acts contributes to making her better. Please take a moment to vote for the CureJM Foundation as they are in the running to receive a $250K grant from Pepsi to fund research in putting an end to JM. It's as simple as three clicks. And if you could, please share with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. It's a simple click, click.

And now off to that guest post...

* * * * *

This week I had a checkup with my gastroenterologist. It’s been several years and I figured it was time. Or, in other words, he shut off my prescription refills until I scheduled an appointment.

As we headed out to the his office, my 8-year-old stepdaughter, Allie, asks me, “So, Ron, is the doctor going to give you the finger test?”

Read more about the finger test by clicking here.

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