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Allot of bloggers I know have been making the commitment to getting healthier. Tara, Dave Fowler and David the Blogger Dad have been marking their progress at Blog to Fit while Matt at DC Urban Dad has been running a weekly challenge at his blog to help members in his community stick with their workouts. I’ve been quietly cheering them on, yet at the same time there’s a part of me that’s been feeling a bit guilty since I’ve turned down a few offers to join in. With all I’ve got going on in addition to the regular stuff, it’s been easy to make excuses, especially that I don’t have the time to work out. That and it’s been real easy to get away from good eating habits as well.

It would seem; however, I can no longer claim to not have the time for staying in shape. If you will recall a few weeks ago Ed and his alter ego The Fit Dad dropped by the Lunchbox during the search for Clark Kent, and he offered a few simple notes on nutrition along with some common sense work out tips. Now, The Fit Dad is back and running a three-day special (CLICK HERE) to promote his own fitness program specially intended for people like me who blame their kids, keeping up with their blogs and watching the latest on Oprah's weight gain news as the reasons for blowing off workouts and eating well.

In his e-book, 10 Minute Work Outs for the Busiest Wonder Moms and Super Dads, the Fit Dad lays out an easy, five day regiment lasting only a few minutes. It’s almost so easy, you will probably feel like you're getting over on the system, but from experience I can tell you it does work.

Not that long ago, I used to weigh a little over 225 pounds – give or take a Snickers Bar. It wasn’t pretty to say the least, so when I became a swinging bachelor again, the last thing I wanted was a layer of chub saying hi to the ladies before I did. The problem for me was my tendency to give up if a diet and exercise routine became too complicated or too boring. By accident, however, I stumbled onto a program, very similar to The Fit Dad’s program and in six months of following the nutrition principals and 20 minute workouts each weekday, I went from a size 36 to a 34.

With many of people, including the friends I just mentioned, trying to get in shape, and with the guilt from holiday eating on the horizon, I wanted to mention The Fit Dad’s three day promotional offer especially since it goes waaaaay beyond just a few simple workouts to last you for several weeks. There’s a whole lot more in fact.

In addition to the 10 Minute Work Outs for you Wonder Moms and Super Dads comes a few extra goodies to include a six weeks beginners program and nine extra weeks of advanced routines on top of the normal fifteen weeks. Want to focus more on abs? Then you’ll find Awesome Abs thrown in too with exercises ranging in skill levels from the person just doing their first sit up in three decades on January 2nd to those who don’t like to brag about their rippled stomach but go shirtless anyway. There are also books focusing soley on the guys and on the gals.

Of course being healthy isn’t just about wearing spandex and headbands all day. That’s why The Fit Dad has included with his offer, Nutrition to Go which educates readers on things like how to time your eating routine with your workout routine, and what's the meaning behind those labels on the boxes of food containers at the store. Like smoothies? How about 13 pages of recipes for them? Ed has that in there too.

So in the Fit Dad Offer there is:
- the 10 Minute Workouts for the Busiest Wonder Moms and Super Dads
- Beginner’s Blast off Workouts
- Awesome Abs
- The Nutrition Guide and Smoothie Book
- Advanced Workouts &
- The workouts for just the men and just the ladies.

Not too shabby, Eh? BUT THERE'S MORE! The Fit Dad actually has other goodies to throw in if you’re looking to check this all out before this Wednesday, and it’s not just more barbells and medicine balls. In fact, most of it has to do with food. These promotional items include:
- 36 Potent Foods to Lose Weight
- Gourmet Desserts (people, there’s 43 colored photos of delicious looking desserts that look nothing like a diet)
- 100 Calorie Snacks
- Eating Right Made Simple
- Fit Yummy Mummy (4 week program just for women – lots of programs designed just for women in this promo)
- Nutrition Strategies
- Improving Posture &
- Fast Fusion Workouts (okay, there had to be at least a little more info on exercise).

Did GEICO used an actual blogger to tell The Fit Dad’s story? No. I’m attesting to the fact that this information is no gimmick; it is effective and I’m living proof. Today after several years of that similar-type program, I’m at 175 and wear a size 31 (although I should be about 185 - stress and mono melted off the last 10 pounds & I'm using Ed's program to get some of it back). Here’s the deal though, that program cost me over $50 for the two books that only told half the story. I would have to pay at least another $30 for the rest of the add ons the author was trying to sell me. And I'd still have to design my own routine on top of it. There's a better deal out there though.

The Fit Dad’s routine along with all those extras (and there is allot of helpful extras to be sure) is all under $40 bucks for the next few days only!

The things I like about this is its simple, short (I was working out 20 minutes a day when I could’ve just been sweating for 10. I'm such a blockhead),it’s highly structured, and it’s educational. These were the key things I needed in being able to keep up with regular work outs and eating schedule.

My wife “Lois” has actually been complaining about needing to work out, but her work schedule means leaving at 7AM and not returning until 7:30PM so there’s little room to fit something in. She hates – I mean HATES going to the gym, namely because she thinks everyone in the place expressly showed up to watch her. No matter how much I tell her that this is not the case, she refuses to believe me. So when I explained how she could do most all of this program at home she actually got a bit excited about it. Of course, given her love for cooking, it may have had something to do with all the recipes that come in this whole get up. No, this isn’t her Christmas gift, by the way. I might be the Man of Steel, but I’m not an idiot.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a way to get your fitness routine off the ground and need something uncomplicated, comprehensive and cost-effective then go look at this offer before it ends on Wednesday.

Tomorrow: Meme’d for Life.

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