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Last week turned out to be a complete bomb in terms of productivity. I did knock out some Christmas shopping, but due two strait days of providing testimony in a deposition pretty much wiped out all plans to sharpen the pencil on sample chapters for submission, as well as a getting a few blog posts written. At least the proceedings were both entertaining and educational. It was like Court TV combined with dinner theater. I even was threatened with perjury. Fun! The only thing missing was Sam Waterstone walking through the door.

But enough of my whining. This is supposed to be about... oh ya - me. While I was "missing," blogger Mom/Mum tagged me, and then my dear friend Tara from Sticky Fingers hit me up this past week as did Sal over at Everyday Thoughts Life, so it would seem I had better get my keyboard in gear (By the way, if you haven't already, go check these sites out - good writing & good people). Having already knocked out a few of these deals before, I really had to dig in order to come up with six or seven new items about myself, so I modified it a bit. Not only are these random things about me, but for the purposes of bolstering the entertainment value, they are seven of the most embarrassing facts about myself (those with a PG13 rating anyway). Tara and Sal, you both luck out by getting a bonus - that is if you consider an extra fact to be lucky.

1) Man Crushes: Yes, [sigh]I have man-crushes namely on George Clooney, Daniel Craig, Matt Damon, Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Tom Welling, Scott Foley, Tom Everett Scott and - why am I doing this to myself - Justin Timberlake. I have no idea where this man-crush thing started for me, but I'm going to blame it on a book I purchased in the attempt to enhance my male image during my swinging bachelor days. The book? [double sigh] Queer Eye for the Straight Guy : The Fab 5's Guide to Looking Better, Cooking Better, Dressing Better, Behaving Better, and Living Better

2) Piercings: Actually there were piercings and tattoos. Many asked me when and where I got these, thinking it was during my time in the Army. It fact, it wasn't the Army at all. Instead it was when I was a business executive. I really hated having to play the part and be someone I was not because of the politics involved and I went out of my way to resist giving into that image. Every time I would get ticked about something at work another tattoo would be inked (usually, where no one could see it unless I was shirtless). Soon tat's weren't enough and piercing were added to the mix. Was this a tad immature on my part? Probably. And just where were these piercings? Weeeeell, both nipples to start with... (I took them out a year ago).

3) Decorating: No this didn't come from the book mentioned in embarrassing fact #1. This is something I've always liked to do. Don't ask why. I just do is all. Here are a few examples of my lofts in Houston and flat in Chicago.

4) The Farm Fresh Prince: During the 1980's when rapping was all the rage a friend and I tried to start up our own rap group. In my attempts to project the rapper image, I did my best to play the part by dressing in baggy pants covered with pockets, un-tucked shirts, suspenders, round sunglasses and this stupid purple hat. It was one of those baseball caps with the large fronts used by companies to advertise their logo - in this case it was a chemical company specializing in bug repellents for crops. To give it a more "fly" appearance I tied a blue bandanna around it and wore the damn thing with the visor towards the side of my head. I looked like the farm-version of The Fresh Prince himself - minus the talent, the fashion sense, the...well actually, minus everything. It was bad and so were the rhymes performed by my friend DJ Corn-Crop Jed. I have pictures somewhere but couldn't find them. It's probably a good thing. Thankfully by the 90's I came to my senses, switching to the more believable fashion trends set by New Kids On The Block.

5) A Walk to Forget: For a time, I was really into Nicolas Sparks books and movies. Not that I read everyone of his titles, but it was still enough to be cringe in admitting it. But it wasn't just the books, my lapse in manliness included the movies too. I watched The Notebook and balled my eyes out vowing to never watch it again. Oh come on people, stop your snickering! That Twilight crap that everyone is so ga-ga over is pure crap! It doesn't hold a candle to A Walk To Remember!

6) You Did WHAT?!: Okay, I debated about including this item, but decided to go forward and be a little edgy. So should I offend anyone please forgive my impertinence. I lost my virginity in my twenties, and it was to the South Korean film industry's equivalent to Winona Ryder. Or so I was told after the fact. After the Army transferred me back to the States, a Korean friend explained who she was, and then we watched a bunch of her movies. It always did strike me as odd that she picked me up in a limo for our dates. I just figured she was a little dramatic. Turns out she was, just not in the way I was thinking.

7) That's Fierce: I blame this on good ol' Lois, but I like watching America's Next Top Model. Having watched three current seasons plus the reruns on VH1, I've developed an eye for runway walks and photo poses. It's sad really.

Now that I can never show my face in the blog world again, I'm going to post the rules:
- Post 7 Interesting (or if you're brave you can go my route) facts about yourself.
- Include a link back to the person who tagged you.
- Leave comment on the post where you tagged.
- Designate 7 others to write 7 similar items about themselves.

Tell me I'm copping out here, but the last time I tagged 7 people made me feel really bad for some reason so I'm not going to name anyone specifically, but if anyone has the guts to take up the banner, I'll make a big deal about you!

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