Order In The Court

Okay - looking to kill a major portion of your week? Try giving a deposition in a Federal lawsuit where you are the key witness. I had big plans, big, big plans for this week. Finishing shopping, book editing, catching up on blogs, writing posts for meme's and awards - now those plans are all shot. A "three hour" deposition has now turned it to a six-plus hour interrogation that will now continue through tomorrow for lord knows how long.

Of course I can't discuss the nature of things beyond what I've already said, but at least this whole thing is entertaining. The lawyers went at each other for most of the day, making me feel like a kid in the middle of an argument between mom and dad. What's funny is that as soon as we would take a break the attorneys were back to being as cordial as if nothing were going on.

Anyway, now that I'm off schedule and no where near a computer so forgive me for my unexpected absence. 

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