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I actually had a different post for today. I got up early (way early), and started to dig around for my the cradle for my camera to download a few adorable pics of the girls at the pumpkin patch this weekend. No dice. Couldn't find the cradle to save my life (pet peeve numero umo - not being able to find something I'm looking for). This being the case, I'm going to plan B, which isn't much of a plan at all. In fact, it's about as far-out random as I could come up with.

I just finished Steve Martin's book Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life. Being both a fan of Steve and a sucker for comedy (go figure), I've wanted to read this book the first time I saw came across it, finally got the chance after finding it at the library. The book covers the period of Steve's stand up comic years, how he started, the tough years getting into the biz, his eventual breakthrough, and the downside of fame. One of the more emotional parts that keeps popping up is his strain relationship with his father.

Like allot of kids growing up, Steve was always trying to seek his father's approval through his achievements. It was ironic that at one time his father tried to get into show business and performing, but failed to even get that dream off the ground, banished to a life working in real estate. You'd have thought he would've been happy for his son, but it was quite the opposite.

I guess this is something I could never understand doing to my own kids. I've had dreams in my lifetime, some I gave up on in order to put my family first. Others that I still purse (I've always wanted to be a blogger since I was yeah high). Along the way I made decisions that seemed like the more practical choice over what I really wanted to do. Now, nearing 40, I'm finally giving into the dreams that have remain the most consistent through my life.

In some respects they may not appear as "practical," but I'm staying with them to show my kids you have to stick with the things you want, ignoring others that try to pull you off course because logic dictates otherwise. And should my children actually accomplish the things I do not, then I suppose another part of me will be happy for them, because I helped foster that in them.

The book has a happy ending, but that's all I can say. It might even choke you up some (uh, not me though cause I had my tear duct sewn shut to appear more manly). I grew up with Steve during the time he covers, and remember seeing him for the first time on the Muppet Show. Reading the back story made me nostalgic for some of those classic performances so I thought I'd show a clip or two with this post. For those of you too young to remember the humor may not resonate with you. If so....Well, excuuuuse me! I'm off to hunt down that camera cradle now and some coffee. Enjoy.

Muppet Show Appearance

Steve Martin's Magic Show

And it wouldn't be complete without an SNL skit - the Czech Brothers with Dan Akroyd

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