Western PA For Dummies

If you watch SNL, you've probably already seen this video, but I'm posting it anyway because it was just too funny (and because we spent the weekend away from home and I just don't have anything to write). Here's the deal, what makes this so endearing is that I was born and raised in western Pennsylvania. I'm talking the back woods, on a dirt road 100 miles from any major city. Below is a few pictures of the road that runs past our house just to give you an idea (one pic is looking one way and the next is the coming from the other direction). Do I think the people that still live their are dummies? No. Even though I can laugh at the parody, it's still my home and the place that made me the goofball that I am today.

Sen. Biden & Rep. Murtha Crazy In PA...

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Here's a follow up to the story I told on Friday about Allie's choice for the next president and why. Ashley read it, and although she thought it funny, she also thought it good to set the record straight for Allie, and to encourage her to think for herself, and to have reasons to support the choices you make. One of the issues mentioned concerned Obama's and McCain's views on abortions, and Ashley tried to clarify things in a manner appropriate for Allie's age.

Ashley: Sweetie, neither candidate is going to kill all babies if they become president.

Allie: They're not?

Ashley: No, Honey. They don't want to hurt babies at all. They want to protect them, but they have different ways of wanting to do this before a baby is born.

This is where a previously silent 5 year-old Avery feels it best to clarify for everyone the Obama camp's stance on the matter.

Avery: Ya, Obama only wants to kills babies before they try to kills their mommies first.

Okay, are politicians campaigning in elementary schools or something, because we sure didn't tell her that? No more letting the kids talk to the pollsters when they call at dinner time, that's for sure!

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