Kindergarten Hazmat Art

A while back I started a series (okay, I say series, but this is only the second one) tagged Clark Kent's Icebox. On these posts I display some of the kids' artwork on a refrigerator they same way you would at home when your children bring home pictures you want to show off. The difference with Clark's Icebox being that the refrigerator is a "virtual" fridge (you'll see, bare with me). Now that school's started, there's practically a limitless supply of items to be hung so I'll probably do this a little more (then I can call it a series for real). I just wish I could get the boys' mother to send me stuff they create. I'm getting off track here.

Last week Avery, who I must say is quite the artist (I have to post her picture of God - mind-blowing), brought home this picture taped to the Icebox. Apparently her kindergarten class has the last part of the day reserved for unstructured drawing time "to let them wind down," according to her teacher. Thus there is always some new picture each day.

If you've read any of the posts on here concerning Avery, you'll realize she is very observant, and definitely has her own way of processing things.

The picture I have here seems rather typical. The little girl, of course is Avery, and that's our van (which shows up in allot of her works, we call it her minivan period). There's a giant butterfly after being hit with a does of radiation that turned it into an over sized monster that feeds on people (I made the second part up, sorry). And then you have the sun and a few clouds.

What I'd like to draw your attention to is the upper left-hand corner. If you look close there seems to be some words written. Can't see them? Okay, here's a blow up. Can you see it now?

If you can, you'll see that Avery has titled this piece, "Body Fluid Clean Up Kit." Her mother and I, after recovering from our fit of laughter, have no idea where she got this from, but we're guessing there's something in her classroom (it's an open concept school for all the teachers out there) marked with these words on it. At the next Parent-Teacher meeting I'm going to find out.

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