10 Advantages To Being A Stay-At-Home Dad

A week ago (or maybe longer) I posted my Top 10 Reasons Why Being a Stay-At-Home Dad has Turned My Wife into a Man; so naturally, it made sense to write a counter-piece: Top 10 Advantages of Being a Stay-At-Home Dad. Before I launch into the list, I have to say that the biggest (real) advantage of being a SAHD has been the opportunity to get to know my two stepdaughters, and to have the time to stay involved with my three boys miles away. In fact, on both accounts, there's a part of me that's concerned about going back to work (out of the home) where my new duties will detract from that luxury. It's a catch 22 of sorts, but until then, I enjoy the moment. (Then again who knows, maybe my book will do really well and it won't matter. And yes, you are going to have to put up with my blatant self-promotion wherever I can work it in.)

Once you're done rolling your eyes, then you might feel better reading the Top 10 Advantages of Being a Stay-At-Home Dad.

10. I don't have to wait for Ash to come home from work to fix the washer when I break it trying to do 12 loads of laundry in the middle of the day.

9. I know where all the good food is hidden because I put it there after getting the groceries. ("Oh, sorry, hon. All we have to snack on is vanilla extract and some cloves." *snicker*)

8. I get to nag her about leaving the seat up & running off to play golf on Saturday morning's ("Nag, nag, nag! - hey, this is fun. Now I see why men hate it.")

7. I can record and then watch "my stories" during the day without having to listen to her sighing about how stupid they are.

6. I have a cool apron (for realz, ya'll - see below).

5. The kids don't mind if I'm politically incorrect in the work place. (Heck the kids are worse than me. The 5-year old calls everyone "communist pinko's and wants to watch The O'Reilly Factor instead of PBS Kids.)

4. The "not-to-night-I-have-a-headache" line goes both ways.

3. The kids have no complaints about their daily diet of sugar cereal, toast and salad.

2. I get more Facebook time and there's not IT monitoring my emails (...that I know of).

and the best thing about my staying home to take care of the kids...

1. I've been able to increase my shoe collection without her finding out.

Side Note: I will be away from the computer/blogging/Facebook/Twitter from 10-26 July. The family (all of us) will be out of town then; so if I don't respond to comments, please know that is why. There are still a few pre-published posts coming out while I'm away. (I know, hold your breath, right?) Until then, I'll be running around in my apron. Thanks!

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