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From time to time I like to post the kids' masterpieces on our virtual refrigerator to show off like only parents can do. It's a well-known fact that me and my boys are classic Star Wars geeks, but in recent months I've managed to make a new convert to the dark side - Allie. After watching a few of the movies, she's been almost obsessed with all thing Star Wars. Admittedly, it's touching to see her shun Barbie and Ken dolls, favoring instead Padme and Anakin Skywalker. When we go to the toy store, the first item Allie picks up is a light saber, and during drives she peppers me with questions like, "Does Darth Vader still think about Pademe when he's choking people?" Of course, I'm thrilled about her new found interest, and freely encourage it, drawing the line only at her wanting to wear the famous Princess Leia bikini.

What does this have to do with IceBox Art? At school her first-grade class is afforded time to write stories, and Allie has been coming home with an on-going series of her own fan fiction about the galactic saga, which includes hand-drawn illustrations of the characters and scenarios. They are just too good not to share...

Among her fascinations, light sabers hold a special place

She nailed this likeness of RD-D2 ( she spelled it out) like Luke Skywalker did wamprats on his home planet.

Yes, the Force is strong with this one.

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