He Said... She Said... It's A Blog Off

It's Monday and I'm already cheating on the posts for this week. You'll have to forgive me, but I will be spilling on more of the details in the very near future as to my "slackerd-ness". In the mean time, I am very excited about a possible opportunity to work with fellow blogger and one very adorable lady, Petra of The Wise (Young) Mommy. I say "possible" because this week she is holding try-outs for a weekly series HeBlog / SheBlog where readers and fans submit questions to be answered from the perspective of both a woman and a man. It's a very fun concept, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention her original co-creator, the incredibly likable and talented blogger Jim "The Heinous" one of Irregularly Periodic Ruminations who is on a blog hiatus for the time being.

Besides thanking Petra for the chance to be a part of HeBlog / SheBlog, I would also like to introduce my fellow entrants who are all a bunch of talented writers with a massive fan base to prove it. They are:

Christopher from Cajoh (entry post on Monday, February 9th)
And the very splendid Irish Gumbo (entry post on Monday, February 9th)

Joe from Crotchety Old Man Yells At Cars (entry post on Tuesday, February 10th)
IB from Idiot’s Stew (entry post on Tuesday, February 10th)

Chad ‘Captain Dumbass’ from Us and Them (entry post on Wednesday, February 11th)
Matt from DC Urban Dad (entry post on Wednesday, February 11th)

Ryan at Pacing the Panic Room (entry post on Thursday, February 12th)

I will be joining Ryan with my entry on Thursday, February 12th (which makes me nervous given how superb of a writer Ryan is)

As you can see, each of us will have our day for readers to review our answers and then vote in the form of an email to Petra (it's secret ballet people READ HERE for details).

Even though I am not supposed to show up for a few days, out of fairness, I wanted to make everyone that reads the Lunchbox aware so they can go to The Wise (Young) Mommy this week and add their two cents. Of course I hope that you will vote for me, but whoever is chosen as the winner Petra will have a quality partner to work with. And with that...

... it's a Blog Off!

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