Where In The World Is Clark Kent: Introduction

Word on the street is Clark Kent's gone and no one's quite sure where he went. Some people are missing a laugh in their day, some just kinda miss him . . . a little.

Theories have surfaced from the blogging community. It's a Matt Lauer thing and he'll come back bald (Steenky, are you serious?). He's chained in the basement of a smokin' hot female evil genius (don't tell Lois). A run to the cleaners to get his tights, and a penguin abduction (You didn't see anything. Smile and wave boys, just smile and wave). 

Until Clark surfaces some his best blogging friends are jumping in to help with the search. Over the course of several days readers will be treated to a number of fun bloggers and great people showcasing their blogging style. If you enjoy what you read take the time to tell them so and check out their own blogs for more. 

Clark is very thankful, and I'm sure he would tell them so if he were around. But the first clue we have is that he's trapped in some place dark. Tune in tomorrow for more on Clark's whereabouts and another clue. 

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