Something Heinous Perhaps?

The clues in Clark Kent's disappearance are random and baffling - a dark place, a green sash? And no, he's not in Singapore! As people scratch their heads trying to figure it out, one man goes looking for answers on his own. Donning his fedora and trench coat, Jim "Heinous" from Irregularly Periodic Ruminations (ya, it's a cool title) is hitting the streets of Metropolis and doing what he has to in order to get to the bottom of things.

Hello? Anyone here?

I made it in through the second story window and kicked up a cloud of dust motes that sparkled in the fading evening sun. I looked over to the desk. I could just make out the name plate -- Clark Kent. At least I had the right office.

I made my way to the desk, determined to find out where he had gone to and more importantly -- why. It had to be something big. He was a blogger. He knew how much we depended on his posts.

I moved behind the desk and rolled the chair out. It creaked loudly as I sat in it. There was no one around to catch me, but it was an eerie sound nonetheless in the confines of the abandoned office.

There was a set of glasses on the desk. I held them up -- non prescription. They were a little pretentious for my taste, but I'm sure he wore them well.

Back to business.

I saw a family picture on his desk and nodded. The number one blogger pitfall...the pesky family. Sure, I guess they meant well, but kids are always all, "daddy this," and "daddy that." They had no consideration at all for a blogger trying to get a post out. Spouses were they same way unless, they too, were bloggers. I briefly wondered how kids fended for themselves if that was the case.

Hmm...I should do a post on that. Wait, I was getting sidetracked.

I didn't get the sense that the family thing was the issue here though. He is after all, a super dad and husband. There was little chance he didn't have it all covered in that area.

The sun had gotten low so I had to pull out my flashlight to see the papers on the desk. They were in neat, orderly piles.

I tore through them.

I stopped at a brochure for a family vacation. There's another time sink. Vacations and holidays. It was too early for heavy-duty Thanksgiving prep.

Hey, I should consider a blog entry on that too. Thats always good stuff. Dammit. Focus, Jim, eyes on the prize.

I guessed holidays were out as an excuse. I also had the feeling he would have arranged guest bloggers if he had planned a vacation. It's what all the cool kids do. Clark is hip enough to know that.

I moved on.

Bills. Holy crap! $38.50 to dry clean the cape! He needs to find another dry cleaner. Someone was taking advantage of his good side.

Hmm, perhaps he was working hard on some sort of project to deal with the bills. You know...since blogging is such a lucrative endeavor. That could be it. I looked through his drawers for evidence. Ooh, a new 2 carat diamond ring for Lois. Good for her. (You can never say I didn't try for you, Lois.)

Nothing. I sat back and thought while eating the candy bar I had found (you really didn't need those calories; you're welcome.)That didn't mean there wasn't a big project taking him away from his bloggy friends, but this was Superman. Other forces could be at play here. I had to find out for sure.

I walked to the window I had come in through. I cast a glance back and realized I had left his desk in shambles. Um...yeah...sorry about that. Oh, look at the time. Besides, I'm sure the girls would love to take care of it for him and show how helpful they are.

I had important work to do.

Jim's digging pays off as he discovers behind Clark's desk Clue #3 - An Order Form where 10 Boxes of something, 20 of another and 15 boxes of a third item has been requested from "GS" but the form is ripped in half so what the boxes are and from whom is unknown. Hmmm... A dark place, green sash and half an order form?

Many thanks to Deborah and her class for yesterday's post, even though they did sell Clark out for a handful of Goldfish Crackers...

Tomorrow: Something doesn't smell right about this. It's Steenky even...

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