The Padawan Learners

During the commotion caused by the storm and the move, Ashley kept the girls occupied by promising them a reward for behaving and helping out. After several days, Allie and Avery finally earned their prize, a trip to Target to pick out a toy. So what did they pick out? To my pure joy, Star Wars light sabers!

While playing at their aunt's house as it turned out, one of the neighbor kids had a blue saber, and a great many duels ensued, with the adults either ducking to avoid an indirect whack or soothing a child smarting from a decisive saber strike to their face. A few days later, Allie and Avery's cousin received one too, although I'm not so sure it was for the fun aspect as much as it was to defend himself without the hassle of trying to wrestle away a “loaner” from someone else.

The girls have really been getting into the Star Wars movies, which will give them something to talk about when they finally get to meet my boys. Of course the boys have an entire collection of light sabers (and laser blasters) themselves. Throw the girls into the mix and we practically have the Jedi temple full of Padawan learners.

Despite the common interest, the boys will likely waste no time in setting Allie and Avery straight on a few of the finer points of the Star Wars Saga. Avery, I’m sure, will be gently rebuffed for her constant references to Darth Vader as Dark Tader.

Note: Avery started using Dark Tader before she ever knew of this video.

Ewoks will not be considered as a galactic version of the Care Bears, and the concept of "rainbow light sabers" will be soundly dismissed as absolutely ludicrous.

Eventually, however, Noah, Harrison and Sawyer will learn to appreciate it when the women in their lives take an interest such boyish endeavors. The flip side, of course, means the boys will need to learn to reciprocate some enthusiasm for the other party's likes. That will come in time, but for now, I'm not going to be sending them Barbie dolls or High School Musical videos any time soon.

Top: The boys' first light sabers, Christmas '05. Bottom: The girls' first light sabers, last week.

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