I Mean Really People, Do Kids Need This?


Okay, come on people. Do we really need toys to be this realistic for children? What's next, trans-gender Barbie? My Little Pony Stud Farm? Well, of course there's those disturbing Lego's, but that's another story.

And what kind of statement are we trying to make about fathers here? I mean it's cool they show dad playing with his daughter, but spraying him in the face? Like he's so aloof about babies he deserves a little reminder. I can just see some marketing genius at the toy company rubbing their hands together. "It's payback time you chauvinistic, A-holes" they say while watching the commercial demo. "We'll just see who's pregnant, barefoot and in the boardroom now."

I read somewhere that one of the functions of toys should be to serve as a tool for children in the development of their social skills, and to help them in understanding the actions they witness in adults (they should be all kinds of crazy fun for their parents too...okay, that's just me talking, sorry). A doll that eats, cries and requires a diaper change I can see, but one with fully functional parts? That's a bit much.

Am I off my rocker here? Let me know what you think.

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