We Are In The High School Musical Movie!

Well, sort of.

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Okay, High School Musical might not be your particular brand of vodka (or apple juice for non-drinkers), but for Allie and Avery, it's their world. This summer, stuck at home with me and unable to go outside all the time, the girls requested it at least once a week. It drove me nuts, but they seemed to be having a good time bumping into the furniture and shattering glass as they imitated every routine, so it really wasn't all bad (no children or animals were injured during the recreation of any part of the film). As I watched them laughing their heads off when they saw their mom and me flipping around in one of their favorite scenes brought a certain amount of fulfillment to me.

Being the step-dad, my role can be confusing at times for both me and the girls, like trying to plug a light into an electrical socket in the middle of the dark. But, once you've made the connection, and the light goes on, it feels pretty satisfying for all parties, to include their mother. Connection is a two-way street, and I forget that simple fact at times. It's easier with my boys because, as "guys," we share similar interests for the most part. With the girls, I have to remind myself to work at it a little bit, which means finding a few creative avenues to bridge the chasm filled with Barbie dolls, Hannah Montana, and a bunch of overly dramatic, high-fashion, teeny boppers that burst forth in spontaneous song and dance at inappropriate times.

I do have to admit, however, that I wish I could've only been half that cool when I was in high school. Oh well.

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