It's been a few weeks since I've done anything with Clark's Inbox, so I figured it's time to get things back on track. Since the last one there have been several new (and exciting) developments. First, there's been the updated layout now with three columns so I could better highlight some of the many great blogs and blog communities out their (you should check them out). The additional column allows for spotlighting your reader comments on the face page too (thanks to those of you who have taken the time - much appreciated).

One of the other exciting items of note has been some recent exposure the Lunchbox has received in the past couple weeks which included a mention on the very useful blogsite, I Saw Your Nanny (July 30th) as one of their favorite Daddy Blogs, along with A listers like The Sneeze, Dad Gone Mad, Joe-Prah, and Busy Dad Blog.

Soon afterward, Appropriate / Inappropriate was included on The Houston Chronicle's Blog, Good Mom / Bad Mom in their Blog Share Sunday feature.

Then on Wednesday I was notified of that the Lunchbox had been included in Alltop's list of top Dad Bloggers. If you're not familiar with the site, Alltop compiles the best blogs by category and lists them for readers to easily find the top sites in their area of interest, so to be added to a list with some of the most well-known and popular fathers in the blogosphere blew me away.

Finally, this morning as I was writing this post, I noticed another mention for the Clark's Lunchbox on Paul Nyhan's Working Dad Blog which he writes as the family reporter for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Enough tooting my own horn. It's not in my nature to do so, but it's nice to be recognized and it's flattering that people enjoy reading about your personal delusions of reality. Thank you.

I want to switch gears now and highlight some of the writing and blogs out there that blows mine away.

If you a serious Dark Knight fan and like reading intellectual takes on the movie that go beyond just a flick review, then you should enjoy these two articles featured on Christ and Pop Culture. Thomas Hibbs explores noir elements of the Batman in Christopher Nolan's Achievement: The Dark Knight, while Jonathan Dodson gets a little freaked out about the philosophical and phsycological elements of the characters within the movie in Dark Thoughts From The Dark Knight. (Thanks C&PC!)

Are you a competitive person? Do you have young children that are playing or you plan to have play sports? This was a great post on That's Live v 2.0 (if you're a runner, follow Mrs. Incredible as she trains for the Chicago Marathon on her other site Run Fast Lane Run).

Did any of your kids go to any day-camps this summer. As I read Cynical Dad's post on his newest job description, all I could do was laugh in between the times I was rolling my eyes going, "Oh, that's just crap!" I've seen camps like this and you probably have too.

Two blogsites of note Discovering Dad and A Good Husband. I just came across these sites this week and have been really enjoying them. Check out Time Bandits & What Women Think Of Daddy Blogging as a good place to start.

Two new books I'm looking forward to. The first is Paul Turner's Churched: One Kid's Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess which comes out in October. Being as he's been compared to one of my favorite writers - David Sedaris - I've already pre-ordered the book. Check out his blog Jesus Needs New Pr for an excerpt.

The second book is by Dad Gone Mad writer Daniel Evans and won't be released until this time next year. Right now it's called Rage Against The Meshugenah, but in that amount of time it could change before publication. When I first started reading Dan's stuff, I really didn't like the guy even though we shared several similar circumstances - getting laid off from a corporate job, dealing with depression, being a father. Then I read this post and thought, "Okay, cool. He likes beer."

Finally, with all the summer heat everyone's been mentioning I thought I'd leave you with a quick trip down nostalgia lane to the days of Christmas and those Holiday Cartoon TV specials we would drool over in a time before cable and Youtube. Anybody else remember these?

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