When Your Wife's A Model

This weekend Ashley got a great opportunity to be photographed professionally (again) in her wedding dress at an old cotton mill in McKinney Texas (it's also on the national historical registry). The shoot was coordinated by our wedding coordinator Aimee after she happened to share a few pics of Ashley's gown with photographer friends Jennifer and CJ (check out their site). After seeing them Jennifer put out the invitation, to which Ashley about jumped through the roof at the chance. What girl wouldn't want to put on their dress for a photo shoot in an exotic location?

While Jennifer, CJ and Aimee did all the shooting and Ashley stood there being her gorgeous self, I was taking photos of my own as I had been previously instructed to do. The mill offered a lot of subject matter to work with and I thought I'd share a few of the unedited pics. It was fun, but I had it easy. The rest of the group had to suffer through 100-degree heat (104 to be exact), buckets of pigeon crap, and respiratory failure while I strolled around at my leisure admiring my hot wife. Hats off to Aimee and the Nichols for their generosity and professionalism.

This next one (of the chair) I've entered at Greeblemonkey's Photo Contest

There are more. I'll probably get them up on Flickr and maybe Etsy after I get a chance to touch them up.

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