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One of the most impressive moments of our wedding in June was the attendance of Ashley's friends from the mommy Internet community that she's a part of in. Technically it's named Crystal's Board (after its host), but they sometimes call themselves as the May Mommies refering to how they met nearly seven years ago on a public board for mothers who were expecting in May 2002. Since then, they've gone to Crystal's private board and have added new members through the referals of friends.

I suppose I could get away with just mentioning their attendance was impressive for the fact most of them traveled from all over the country (and even Canada) to be there, some meeting for the first time. That would only be the half of it. What's truly amazing is how these women have come together via the Internet, which has helped transcend the traditional factors like geography, status, and background that dictate who we come in contact with. As members of the board they laugh, they cry and they support one another. Ashley has tearfully told me of more than one time when the May Mommies came together to help in her times of need. They've done the same for other members without hesitation. Sometimes, the Mommy Board is all that another member in need might have for support.

This is not to say it's all sunshine and butterflies among them. I would do them an injustice to make you believe they are perfect. Who is? There are tiffs and differences of opinion, miscommunication and hurt feelings. All the basic issues necessary for any meaningful relationship, without which the May Mommies would just be another blip in cyberspace. However, like the external struggles they face, it's the internal differences and how they deal with them that defines the trueness of their friendships.

I first started to get a sense of what a close nit group they were soon after meeting Ashley. They were quick to share in her joy, but equally cautious in not wanting to see her hurt. As I started blogging more, Ashley was quick to introduce me to her friends through my writing, many of whom graciously left upbeat comments to the effect of, "Hilarious post, nearly peed myself, and if you hurt Ashley we will descend on you like the plague and make feel pain only God Himself could inflict." Although, I took it seriously (and still do), it didn't scare me off since I knew the sentiment originated out their love for Ashley and not some group hobby where they club random men to death.

Unfortunately, these poor women (and several of their husbands from I hear - sorry guys) are still being subjected to Ashley's beaming recommendations to read my blog as a show of support. They've been good sports about it, although I can almost imagine the look on their faces upon receiving another message on the board entitled "Read Ron's Blog Today - It's Not That Bad This Time... Really." I'm lucky to have such a wife, and she's lucky to have such friends.

I've been meaning to write this post for some time since the wedding, but for one reason or another kept putting it off. It wasn't intentional. I just wanted to put a little effort into presenting such great women as opposed to just sticking up a photo, and a quick line limply declaring, "They iz da bomb!" That just wouldn't cut it for the type of friends they are to each other.

Thank you ladies.

The Mommy Board

Front (left to right): Jessica (TX), Karena (IA), Crystal (MI), Missy (OH), Lois Lane, Trish (AL), Xaymara (NH), Brigitte (MN), Amy (IN).

Back (left to right): Heleen (SC), Carley (NJ), Kelly (FL), Kelly (MI), Natasha (Canada), Jill (GA), Leigh Ann (TX), Krystall (TX), Sarah (TX), April (& our photographer) (CA). At the wedding by not pictured (because she was our awesome wedding coordinator): Aimee (TX).

This only represents the members that made it to the wedding, but that is not meant to exclude the others who are just as much a part of everything I described above.

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