It's Friday (or maybe Saturday if you subscribe to a feeder), and I'm starting to get packed for my trip to see my boys. It would've been nice to have the holiday with them, but missing it was the difference between a $10 airline ticket (that's right t-e-n, ten U.S. American dollars) and a $300 one. Easy math here and I get to fly straight to the closest airport as opposed to a 2 hour drive from Chicago first.

I remember 4th of July celebrations as a kid with fond memories, the earliest of which were a small town parade in the morning, a family picnic get-together at our Uncle Rex and Aunt Cathy's (Happy Birthday Aunt Cathy), and the day would be finished off with fireworks at night. Usually, I was asleep by the time we drove home. It's how kids should grow up, and I'm glad I can take my boys (and hopefully Allie and Avery) back there for visits. In fact, I think I'll follow this up with a few posts about that part of the country.

Anyway... here's a few things from Clark's Inbox this week.

Think You're A Real Steelers Fan?
Oddly enough, as I am heading home to western Pennsylvania a friend of mine sent me pictures of probably the most "Die-hard" Steelers ever.

I wounder if they could just stuff and mount the guy like that and when company comes over his family could just explain how that chair is so comfy cozy it knocks Uncle JoJo dead asleep. I mean they seem like a classy bunch to start off with, so why not?

Free Music!
Like free music from bands you've never heard of? Check out Noise Trade for some cool-sounding artists that without the Internet would just be those annoying kids next door playing in their garage. It's pretty simple. Find who you like (they have samples) and then send an email to three people you know or donate a few bucks and a download code will be sent to you. I've downloaded a few bands that hopefully will make me almost as pretentious as my wife when it comes to taste in music. (No, I'm not getting paid to tell you to do this... I'm just trying to be as cool as my wife)

Need To Sell Your House... and Find A Mate?
Then here's an idea from a Florida woman - Florida where the women are hot but the market is not. It's a good slogan, but I wouldn't recommend it. Good luck Princess, the housing market isn't supposed to bounce back until next year so plan on a few more trips to your plastic surgeon in the mean time.

Kreepy Bay-Beez Pic Of The Week
It's good to see some of you are getting into the spirit out there... Thanks for the reader submission (where's the rest of them?)

Between The Batmans: Cartoon Review
Batman, The Dark Knight has been building into one of the most anticipated movies of this year, partly due to great reviews (Read This), and partly as a result of Heath Ledgers' unfortunate death. Ticket sales are already sold out in many cities several weeks before the release later this month so plan ahead. If you're a big fan (like me and my boys) or just a geek (like me and my boys), then you may want to check out the DVD, Batman, Gotham Knight in stores on July 8th. The basic synopsis boils down into the story covering Batman's early days in 6 segmented episodes that bridge Batman Begins and Batman, The Dark Knight (Good marketing strategy DC & Warner Bros) . Personally, I haven't been this excited about a movie since the last Star Wars, so I can't wait to see what kind of a bridge Gotham Knight provides.

Batman Gotham Knight - Official Trailer

Even though I'm going to be away I plan to have posts on the Lunchbox each day by me or by friends and family who will be guest posting on several of the days.

Monday is Part 2 of Leave it to Cleaver... see how Ashley falls in love, and not with me!

One more shameless plug to vote for me - it's not that I think I'm the Hottest Daddy Blogger... it's because I need the validation (I've now jumped to page 2!).

My site was nominated for Hottest Daddy Blogger!

Hope you have a Happy Independence Day... and don't blow off any fingers.

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