Where'd He Go?

This is just a short post with some pics of my family's place where the boys and I will be staying. Unlike Houston, western PA in July is a lush, green tropical (well, not tropical)paradise where we can go fishing at the lazy pond across the road and catch fireflies in the back yard at night. It's been on the cool side the past few weeks, but is expected to warm into - get this - the 80's. I do so miss the northern climates... until January that is.

The pics are a combination of some my family recently sent me and some from summers there with boys in previous years.

This arbor belonged to my great grandmother and my mother played around it when she was a little girl. Now it's at my parent's home overlooking some of the gardens on "the estate."

There are a number of botanical and vegetable gardens on the grounds including this one constructed in support of the Dali Lama and the fight for a free Tibet.

Here we see the finished UFO landing pad my dad constructed to help the aliens in their plot to take over the planet.

The rest of these are from past visits where Noah engages in extreme fishing (he casts the line as violently as he can while the rest of us scatter to avoid the hook). Harrison shows off his latest collection of fireflies to be his nightlight and last one shows the boys playing in their favorite place - the large creek running across the "estate grounds."

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