During one of my evening phone conversations with the boys, Noah and I got the idea to play video games online together. We couldn't find games that were interactive (play with/against each other in the same game) so Noah came up with playing Sponge Bob games at the Nickelodeon site. There were a ton but we finally settled on Invasion of the Patty Snatchers. I'll spare you the details, but this game was F-U-N, and the two of us got pretty excited trying to win on our respective computers. Don't be fooled into believing this game was for pushovers. It was quite the opposite, given the need for strategic thinking in order to win, which neither of us could do.

After probably an hour, Noah had to go to bed, but I wasn't about to give up. Two hours later I finally figured it out, much to Ashley's relief as she sat next to me on the couch for a large chunk of that time. I was pretty proud of my 6,372 points giving me a number 2 ranking among other players from all over in net; however, I was curious as to who was number 1. Some punk calling herself Kristen76 had the number 1 national ranking with - get this - 38,976 points! It was comforting to know I was whipped so soundly by someone (I'm assuming based on the 76 in her screen name) only four years younger than me... and a girl no less (kidding).

The next night I was anxious to tell Noah how I finally beat the game.
Ya, Dad, that's great. I did too, he said without much enthusiasm. Have you beat the medium level yet?
There's a medium level? Oh well, on with Clark's Inbox. (Watch out Kristen76. I'm on your tail.)

Okay, what's do we have in Clark's Inbox this week? Ashley found this little gem and sent me the link, which you have to check out. It's The Top 26 Most Disturbing Kids Movies Ever: Family Films That Will Scar Your Children for Life.

They definitely had my choice - the original Willy Wanka with Gene Wilder - Umpa Lumpas freak me out. Comment on the Lunchbox if your childhood-scaring movies are on the list or which ones should be. If I get enough responses I'll post them next week.

Kreepy Bay-Beez Pic of the Week
We got our first Kreepy Bay-Beez reader submission, and it was... Kreepy times 10.

It almost made me give up ice cream. By the way, it sold on Etsy for $135. Guess there is a market for Kreepy Bay-Beez.

Cartoon Review
This really isn't a Cartoon Review, but if you love/hate Dora The Explorer, you'll appreciate this video from SNL.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Have a great weekend, and think safety people.

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