Blog Award Nomination...Really!

As you can see in the left-hand column, I've been nominated for... Hottest Daddy Blogger of 2008. Apparently this is a legit award - I don't know what I get, but in any case, Ashley's all for it (I'm surprised it was her that did the nominating). If you'd like to vote for me (read: please vote for me), then click on the button and it takes you to a registration page where you need to sign up.

On the sign up page you fill out the information and then wait for a confirmation in your email inbox. Open up your email, click on the link and you end up back at the voting page. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu where is says "Hottest Daddy Blogger", and click that button. Now here's the thing - you have to click through the pages to find me (last count I was on page 2 and I don't need that many votes to win). Click on the "Vote" tab, and if you'd like to add comments then go there next. The comments are where I was referred to as the "George Clooney of blogging." I was flattered, but I'll take it.

My site was nominated for Hottest Daddy Blogger!

Normally, I'd be too polite and modest to ask for votes, but it's an election year and all.

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