A Photo Survey

Got this on a MySpace Bulletin and put so much effort into being distracted by it that I didn't want it lost in sea of bulletin posts. It was kind of fun and of course I injected my brand of humor... Ok, so here are the rules
1) Answer the questions below
2) Take each answer and type it into Photobucket
3) Take a picture from the first page of results and post.
4) You can't copy the persons answers who posted this before you!

1. The age you will be on your next birthday:
Great... Crack Pipes for my Birthday... and we get to light 36 of them this year
ewer thirty five and thirty six

2. A place you'd like to travel:
It's a real place

3. Your favorite place:
night scene in Lakeview
This was right around the corner from my place in Chicago

4.Your favorite object:
paint brushes
oooooh colors!

5. favorite food:
paris hilton and puppy
It's kinda stringy but you get used to it

6. Your favorite animal:
Um, Ya, That would be a LIGER People!

7. Your favorite color:
Hey, All I did was type in "Black" That was the first thing - Just following the rules here

8. The town in which you were born:
a Press of some type? Located in Meadville, PA
No one that lives there knows what it is either... try the AAA Travel Guide... from 1963

9. The town in which you live:
Ya we do... it's cause I live here

10. The name of a past pet:
That's where my pet did his biznass too...

11. Dream Come True:
Triumph Motorcycle
Bitchin Huh?

12. Your nickname/screen name
Rat Pack
I know - everyone thought it was Superman.... ha. In your monitor!

13. Your middle name:
I'll be going to the courthouse first thing in the morning to get that changed

14. Your last name:
Walter Andrew & Rachel Idella (Crane) Mattocks
At least they both ain't wearing that damn thong thing from my middle name

15. A bad habit of yours: but it looks so glamourous!!!
Ratpack did it all the time

16. Your first job:
The Old Feed Mill
I was the horse

17. Your grandmother's name:
That's First AND Last Name. Can you figure it out?

You know I could have just put "Breasts" for all of these

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