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It's been a while since I've blogged but between the job search, running errands, phone calls and averting nuclear disaster in southern Russia I've been a little distracted. It's easy to get caught up in the swirl until you realize you are the stunt double in "Flushed Away." Then you realize the further horror that "Flushed Away" is a cartoon with no need for stunt doubles, which either freaks you out or establishes the fact that it's not real.

In any case it's easy to overlook the deeper, more important things. That statement is so cliche, I know, but when I lose that perspective I start to feel I am not in touch with the world around me and my sensitivities and gratitude are down the drain. Then something comes along - a person, a news story, words in a book, a song - and it snaps you back.

This morning I slid in my burned copy (Ashley has my original as she has her "band-crush" going. I have "man-crushes" and she has "band crushes" - ya, we're a match) of The Robbie Seay Band's new album and it brought tears to my eyes. In fact, when we sing those songs during church I am thankful that the lights are low because I can never finish singing without getting choked up. It's fairly consistent and I'm not sure why this is. My best attempt at understanding my reaction is that the music can both be soulful and reflective and then build to hopeful and upbeat. Combine this with lyrics that aptly describe the hurt and fear I feel/have felt while offering the sincere picture of a loving God who is there to give joy and bounty to the poor.

Together these two factors poignantly remind me of how real my life is and how real a God in heaven is despite the circumstances that can carry me away from reality.

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