I Have A Job

I Gotta Job!!!
When people ask me what I do for a living I no longer have to reply that I have no job... and that I sit around watching Opra, read comic books and make new layouts for my MySpace page all day. I have a job here in Houston and I am very excited about the opportunity. For reasons, I can't announce who it's with just yet, but it's on the higher end of the housing market (which is the strongest part of the market now). I'll be working as a Sales Manager again and have wide parameters to operate under - which will be weird after my Lennar hell.

Thanks everyone for you prayers and support. If there is anything I can do for anyone let me know.

Ok, on the flip side my cousin Jeremy was let go along with a number of other good people by my former company Lennar (aka Gaynar). This was no suprise as the company announced to Wall Street that is was 44% below projections and would be laying off more people. We are working to find him and the others jobs so those of you in Houston, if you hear anything let me know.

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