Movie Recomendation: Stardust

If you get the chance go see the movie Stardust with Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert DeNero along with a brief appearance by Peter O'Toole (ya, who woulda thunk that?). It's fun, charming and romantic - I mean, if you're into that crap then you're going to love it. The movie is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novella of the same name in which a star (played by the ever charming Danes) falls to earth and is found by Danes' real life boyfriend Charlie Cox who plays the part of Tristan in the movie. However, there are others looking for the star as well to include a sisterhood of witches lead by Pfeiffer as well as a comical band of princes vying for the throne of their dead father. There are a number of other characters that keep the story moving. one of which is DeNero's hilarious portrayal of a gay pirate captain that hasn't quite come out of the closet yet. The movie is not perfect of course with a predictable ending, but all "happily-ever-after-fantasy-fair tales" are supposed to have an ending that everyone can guess. It's the ride to the ending that either makes it fun or a flop and this one is fun. My date (yes, I had a date. Stop with the kissy face noises) aptly compared it to The Prince's Bride in which case I can only say to my sisters - Ness, Cout, Ash - go see this movie and then buy the extended DVD version when it goes on sale. If I have to hear one more quote outta you from that silly Prince's Bride Movie I think I may jump from the Cliffs of Insanity. You guys need some new material, and I mean it... anybody got a peanut?

PS - Ness, take mom... dad will probably even like gay-DeNiro "Were you hittin on me?"

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