Are You A Hipster Dad?

So I've got a bit of a new gig to help me get back to blogging. I'm thrilled to now be contributing to the  dad blog juggernaut, DadCentric. This bunch has been blogging since before there was a thing known as daddy blogging, and they are a phenomenal group of talented writers, so to be asked to join is a real honor for me. My first post, a piece on a new hipster dad magazine, just went live yesterday. Have a gander. Thanks!

"Hey dads, how many times have you been sitting around in your plaid pearl-snap button shirt and vintage striped cardigan and simultaneously had the thought, “Man, I sure wish there was a quality publication out there that spoke to my daddy-o-ness, but didn’t at the same time.” Well, put away your vinyl albums of The Handsome Family and Decemberists because Kindling Quarterly is here!"

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