Happy Holiday Blogtastic Shout Out: Just Add Father

Last week I was invited by Kate from Recommended Daily Dose to take part along with others in the Happy Holiday Blogtastic Shout Out. That sounds like a mouthful, but in actuality it's a great opportunity to promote someone else and their blog. There's about a bunch of people I could mention, but I could only submit five blogs which Kate then narrowed down to the one I should spotlight: Just Add Father by Wolf Pascoe (@JustAddFather).

I came to find Just Add Father after and email exchange with Wolf, who introduced himself as a big Superman fan. I liked him immediately. After reading his blog, I liked him even more. Wolf and his wife Nora are parents to their adopted son, Nick, but Just Add Father is not just any ol' daddy blog. When Wolf was eight he lost his father, which is roughly the age Nick is now, and in Wolf's words, "With no models, Nick and I row in unknown waters."

As you read Just Add Father it's clear those waters are deep and reflective. There's a calming literary tone to the writing that readers can't help but to connect with. Read "Strange Visitor from Another Planet" in which Wolf talks about the void that Superman filled in his young life.

"I collected those comics with a furious passion. My mother was appalled. She had read a book called Seduction of the Innocent, about the evils of comic books. Neither of us had any idea that my love for Superman was filling own loss. When my collection reached a hundred, my mother prevailed on me to throw it out. One evening, she watched me put every comic I owned into a grocery bag and set it inside our garbage can on the curb."

I mean it when I say that, Superman or no Superman, it's the best post I've read in all of 2010. With such high quality writing by such a conscientious and loving dad, I recommend everyone "Just Add Father" to their blogrolls and RSS feeds for 2011. 

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