I Have A Guy Toy... Or I Wish I Did Anyway

This is in no way an endorsement of Dodge, nor did Dodge ask me to post this (although, I'd likely compromise most of my stated blogging standards if it meant working with them and driving this bad boy around. Pssst! I like the R/T... in black.) Some of you know that I had a pimped out, loaded Charger that I planned to trade in as soon as the Challenger hit the market, but for some odd reason, I went with a minivan at the last minute. Yeah, weird. Call it an impulse buy.

I did a little work with Chevy a while back, and they almost had me convinced that the Camaro was the way to go. Well, despite how much I like the Chevy bunch and their great social media strategy, I can't let go of my Challenger dream. I'm not much into "guy toys," but this car--this beautiful, magnificent, machine is the exception, plus the commercial appeals to my patriotic nature. Good job on the marketing Dodge. 

PS. I'm still going to address my last post (thank you all again), but I had to put something up so people wouldn't land here and think I'm a complete pompous jerk.

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