Three Guys Walk Into A Lab

Stop me if you've heard this one. Three guys walking into a lab--a copywriter, a salesman, and a goofball... Okay, there's not really a punchline here (although, give me a few minutes and I suppose something might hit me); I'm just saying that because you may have already seen this posted by Danny Evans (the copywriter) and John Cave Osborne (the former saleman) who I (the goofball) was privileged enough to join on the Blogs to Books panel at the M3 Summit.

I've read both these guys' books and follow their blogs; so it was a treat getting to know both of them personally. Danny and I spent a better part of a day touring the CNN Center (I was disappointed Robin Meade wasn't around for photo op) and the nearby Coke Museum (there's a taste-testing room for sampling Coke products around the world--avoid anything that uses vegetables), while John (and his charming wife, Lovie) and I hung out swapping wild stories, discussing the writing profession, and generally acting like a couple pals in high school. I had a great deal of respect for both these guys before, and it's only deepened after our time in Atlanta.

Get to know them and their books too in this DadLabs interview...

Conducting the interview is Clay Nichols (aka @DaddyClay) who is also joined in the segment by co-anchor Brad Powell (aka @DaddyBrad). These guys are hilarious, and together with Troy Lanier (aka @DaddyTroy), they wrote their own book, DadLabs Guide To Pregnancy, and founded the DadLabs blog/vlog. The site's dedicated primarily to new fathers, but I still watch it when I can just because Clay, Brad and Troy are so funny (not to mention creative).

Incidentally, it seems I'll be rooming with Daddy Clay later this week at the Type A Mom Conference, which could be a tad embarrassing once he finds out about my Superman Underoos. Oh well.

Blogspot owns me no more!

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