A Tsunami for Fathers Day

As a tribute to Fathers Day, Stephanie, the wonderful mind behind The Tsunami Mommy (@theTsunamiMommy), is running a month-long series of guest post written by dad bloggers such as veteran blogger Jack of Random Thoughts, Vincent Marra (The Dad Jam), writer Aaron Guveia of The Daddy Files, John Dadlez from The Mommy Daddy, and Chris Singer the superstar SAHD of Tessa's Dad (check them out). I am privileged to be included as part of this group of great guys. Many thanks to Stephanie for sharing us with her community of readers. I hope you enjoy this post about what celebrity fathers want vs. what they actually received as gifts for Fathers Day.

* * *

I really can’t believe that it’s June already. It seems crazy that twelve months have gone by since we celebrated the month’s biggest holiday—Flag Day. Now you might be wondering why I, as a dad with five kids, would consider Flag Day a bigger holiday than Father’s Day. Well for one, flags are just plain cool; this alone serves as argument enough. Even so, there is one more reason which I hesitate to bring up because it might come across as unappreciative. But, since your interest may have already been piqued, I will share it despite the risk of garnering your scorn.

You see, unlike Flag Day which involves little in the way of expectations from others, Father’s Day can result in the dashed hopes of dads who were anticipating one thing as a gift but then received something entirely different. It happens more than you realize; you just don’t notice it because some men are masters at putting on a sincere looking face in masking their disappointment over a new pair of pink Argyle socks or a hardback copy of Great Bathroom Reading for Men: Volume Seven (which, by the way, has a decent forward by Isaac Asimov).

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