Running With The Big Dogs At DadCentric

Well, we survived the move... mostly (I keep finding these mystery boxes full of more crap I didn't know we even had). More on that later, but for now, I'm thrilled to be guest posting today over at DadCentric. If you've never heard of this bunch, then let me tell you, they are one of the preeminent blogs among not just the dads but the mom bloggers too.

DadCentric is lead by writer Jason Avant (@PetCobra) who also serves on the advisory board for the Modern Media Man Summit, and who I'm glad to be joining as a contributor to a new and very promising magazine, Man Of The

The members of the DadCentric team are an equally talented bunch comprised of Croutonboy! (Cheeky's Hideaway), Greg (Hopeless Cases), fellow Texan The Holmes, the gifted Two Busy, Warren of Mr Big Dubya Whit, the conductor of the Honea Express and last but not least, Kevin of Always Home And Uncool (who is anything but).

I hope you enjoy my contribution to DadCentric's month-long series 30 Days of Dads (which you should totally be keeping up with - they had Brad Meltzer guesting - Brad freakin' Meltzer!)

Oh, and the title of my post about famous fathers is, "If They Only Had A Daddy Blog."

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