Man Of The House: "Ms. Pack Man"

I've made mention several times of a new men's magazine call Man of the that I and several other writers including DadCentric's Jason Avant have been contributing to. Now that it's up and in the full swing of things I thought it time to share a few of the articles from there starting with one about my disdain for packing the girls' lunches for school. Enjoy (And please share the info about Man of the with others. Thanks.)

Ms. Pack Man

Among the litany of tasks endemic to my role of stay-at-home dad, packing my stepdaughters’ lunches ranks above all others in terms of loathsomeness. Scrubbing dishes, washing clothes and shopping for groceries aren’t exactly bonbons and video games, but none of them incur unsolicited feedback either. The girls could care less about clean flatware or double coupon savings, but should I send them off to school with an intact apple rather than a sliced and peeled one, it’s a sure bet I’ll hear about it at the bus stop that afternoon.

“You did it again,” they both will say in a flat greeting.

Of course being the adult, I am quick to reset their expectations, but even so, this still fails to prevent them from leaving me less than subtle reminders whenever opportunities present themselves. A few weeks ago my (jobless) six year-old, Avery, sauntered into the kitchen, noticed I was slapping together turkey sandwiches and admonished me for royally screwing up her order the previous day. “And don’t forget the mustard this time—both sides.”

Read the rest of my misadventure at Man of the

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