Who's Got Two Thumbs And A Daddy Blog? This Guy

Ladies and gentlemen, come on over, step right up, and see if you can answer this question: Who’s got two thumbs and a blog? Give up? THIS guy, that’s who.

And it’s not just any blog—no ladies and gentlemen, it’s not. So what kind of blog is it you might be askin’ Well I’m-a-gonna tell you. It’s a bona fide, electrified, personified, stupendi-fied, deep fried…

DADDY blog!

A what?
A daddy blog.
A daddy blog?
That’s right, folks, a daddy blog. And just what might you be askin’ is a daddy blog?

Why a daddy blog’s the hottest thing around. The biggest game in town. None like it can be found—whoooops! Forgive me, I forgot about the ladies or should I say, mommy bloggers. Why a daddy blogger is just like a mommy blog only different.

Different how you might be asking? Different now. Yes the mommies have paved the way, but ohhhhhh how things are a changin’. Mommies are the past. Daddies are the new shiny future. Now you can get in on those mommy's hidden little cash cow, just like I did, and all it takes is a—shhhhh… secret ingredient.

And just what, you might be askin’ is this secret ingredient? Well I’m-a-gonna tell ya, but first ya need to slide in a little closer. Closer. Cloooser…

... PIZZAZZ!!! That’s the secret ingredient—even made you jump at the very mention of it. That’s because Pizzazz is powerful stuff. Powerful stuff indeed. Why just a pinch will make ya famous. That’s the God’s honest truth. Cross my heart and hope to die. Make your stat count climb through the sky.

Why Pizzazz does so many things for a blog it’s hard to count them all but I’m gonna try anyway just because you’re such a good crowd—I mean that, I really do. You’re waaaay smarter than that last bunch a few towns away. Where was I? Oh that’s right, Pizzazz from the makers of Hoopla.

Add a drop of Pizzazz and you won't need good content, you won't need to respond to the comments on your post and you won't need any sort of a community. Why, with Pizzazz you don’t even need any credibility, just jump right in and hob-knob with the A-blogs, make cash like they do. But that’s not all! No. Slather on Pizzazz to cure baldness, drop fifty pounds or lower your blood pressure. (*See disclaimer below).

Yessirrreee, with a little Pizzazz you’re sure to bring affiliates a-flocking, and keep their products a poppin’. Never mind they don’t know your name when they contact you about their wares, you’ve got Pizzazz!

And just where, you might be askin’ do you get this here Pizzaz? Well I’m-a-gonna—Hey! What’s the big idea? You’re putting a fat cart before a skinny horse my friends. First things first. Do you even have a daddy blog? No? Well this is your lucky day ‘cause I’m gonna help you out. All you need is a computer… whooops! Almost forgot. You’re gonna need a booger eater or two running around at your feet. You’ve got a few of those right? I’ve got five. Eenie. Meenie, Miney, Moe and little Bob—cute little dickens. Takes after his mother. Now where were we? Oh that’s right, a daddy blog.

You know you want one. Don’t be left out, gentlemen. (Sorry ladies, for reasons—wink, wink—you’ll have to sit this one out. Please take no offense.)

So step right up, men. Here’s your chance. Make up a name and establish your domain…on the web that is. No peeing on your monitors please. Then grab your can of Pizzaz and mix it all in for your very own bona fide, electrified, personified, stupendi-fied, deep fried…

Daddy Blog!

Yesssirrree, soon you too will be askin’ who’s got two thumbs and a goldmine? This guy, that’s who.

* * *

*Disclaimer: Results from the use of Pizzazz may vary. Do not use Pizzazz if you are a reasonably intelligent person, or are wise to delusions of grandeur. Pizzazz is not meant to be ingested, and should not be used in conjunction with male enhancement products. Avoid using Pizzazz if you are breastfeeding, pregnant are about to become pregnant as Pizzazz is intended for dad bloggers only. If you are unsure about whether Pizzazz is right for you consult this site’s blog rolls for a list of upstanding daddy bloggers who are Pizzazz free.

PS. Don’t be “This guy.” He once used to be me. I didn't think to just be myself.

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