God Does Talk To Me

Last night I was talking on the phone with my youngest son Sawyer, and he had an interesting theory to share with me.

Sawyer: Dad, I know why you send me all the things in the mail that I like.

Me: Really, why?

Sawyer: Because I talk to God and tell Him what I want and then He tells you.

Me (through a huge grin): That's right. He tells me about you everyday.

Sawyer: Everyday? (slight pause) Hold on Dad.

The phone bobbled around a bit and then I heard Sawyer yell over his shoulder, "Hey mom, guess what? I was right. God really does talk to Dad!"

Yeah. Everyday. And I talk to Him about you too, Son.


On a side note, sorry I haven't been around much on here or on your blogs. At the moment, however, all my waking energies are being devoted to marketing and promoting the book. Thank you to all those who have already purchased a copy. Forgive me if I start to go stale pushing it all the time, but for the time being it's my job--literally (PSST, advance copies are available). So for all of you who think I've stopped following you or have written me off, I'll be back.

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