Early Feedback On "Sugar Milk" Not Good - Guess I'll Have To Do A Give-Away

Apparently, Mr Always Home & Uncool didn't think the Sugar Milk was too cool. I think this actually has more to do with my screw up during the JM event in Austin a few weeks back.

Well, not really (he's totally joking with me). This, as he put it, is how fellow writers wish one another good luck, much like the way actors tell one another to break a leg.

Speaking of JM, it still not too late to make a small contribution to the foundation. In fact I'm going to run a deal. Whoever makes the single largest donation (above $30) from today until the 29th of March, I will send them an autographed copy of Sugar Milk.

Just press on the button below for directions on how to make a difference. Make sure you either list your name or a code name that I can use to announce the winner on the 30th. Come on, a little Sugar Milk is sweeter when it's for a good cause.

To learn more about JM, go to www.curejm.com.

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