Clark Kent's Icebox: Supergirl, God & Free Stuff

From time to time I'll post a regular deal called Clark Kent's Icebox, which is basically the web version of showing off the stuff our kids have done. They're a creative bunch, and I'd love to know what goes through their brains when they're doing these kinds of things.

Today's offerings feature Avery's handiwork: A lovely rendition of Supergirl (Yessss! Stepdad 1, the Establishment 0) done in Crayola markers on construction paper. The other is a note Avery wrote to God a few days back (we're still working on the postage), which also makes me curious as to what her concept of God is. The other day she wondered allowed, "Wouldn't it be cool to be the first person when God started?" Yeah, I guess it would.

Enjoy the exhibit (you can click on the image to make it larger)

In case you can't quite make out the note, I'll transpose it:

"Dear God, I love you so much. I hope all the people up there are safe."

Oh and did you notice that FREE sign taped to the fridge door? Well that's there to let you know that you can now a FREE CHAPTER from Sugar Milk before the release date.

All you have to do is send an email to and write "FREE CHAPTER" in the subject line. A PDF file of the chapter "Not In Kindergarten Anymore" will be emailed back to you.

It's about my one daughter's career as a kindergarten life coach, the ways schools embezzle parent's money, and how things change. Hope you like it.

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