Chores FAIL

In a time when kids believe that being "naughty or nice" equates to life or death consequences when it comes to presents, one would think Allie and Avery would be a little more conscientious of doing their chores. No. Chore FAIL continues to hallmark their behavior, and I'm still repeating myself eighty-thousand times until they either accomplish the task or I jam a pen in my eyeball. "Make your bed." "Wipe off the table." "Put your shoes away." And so on, and so on.

Millions of kids assembling Zhu Zhu pets (very slowly) in sweatshops all over the Far East, and Allie can't clean out the sink while Avery continues hanging up her backpack on the carpet. I mean, it's not like I'm asking them to press my shirts or change the oil in the minivan. They have a good six or seven years before that.

Well, that's okay. I told them I posted these pictures so "Santa" could track their progress. They think he reads my blog.

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