I Have To See This Movie... There Are Goats!

I saw this trailer yesterday and the world stopped...

Reasons I have to see this movie:

1. George Clooney

2. Jeff Bridges + Big Lebowski + the Army = WIN!

3. The subject matter: I was an Infantry Captain and my dad was a Green Beret

4. It's basically a true story.

5. The First Earth Battalion? Priceless.

6. No Duggars were conceived during the filming of this movie--no wait, I'm wrong.

7. My schedule for 6 November is wide open.

8. I'll have saved enough money by then to afford it (thank you, paper route & lemonade stand).

9. To see that goat fall over again.

10. It's piss-your-pants funny.

I'm reserving a copy of the book at the library as we speak.

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