Friday Fotoes - Whatever, I Just Made This Up

Friday Fotoes (Photos)? Yeah, just made that up because I've got a full plate of writing projects at the moment. Since everyone else posted pics of their kids on the first day of school, I figured, hey, why not. Here are the girls--don't be fooled by their looks (think Woodland Creatures from South Park). In any case, they had a great day even though their bus was 40 minutes late (the driver is the intelectual equivelant of a bag-o-hammers). That afternoon we got a call from the school nurse. Avery had a sudden, massive bloody nose (I blame her former Coke habbit-carbonated beverages are not meant to be shot from your nostrils), and she needed new clothes.

Wish I had pictures of the boys, but their mom's not into that kind of thing.

Of course, now that the year has begun, I am back to my regular morning duties to get them out the door.

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