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My good blogging buddy Matt at DC Urban Dad (a great guy and dad so check him out) hit me up with a meme last week, and it was a good one: Top Ten Favorite Movie Characters. Being a big movie lover, I wanted to put some thought into it. After much deliberation this is what I came up with in ranked order.

10. Daniel Craig, Casino Royale: Best. Bond. Ever. Evvvvvver! Equal parts sophistication, and grit, along with some serious cajones 

9. Viggo Mortensen, A History of Violence: Humble family-man with a secret past... and one broheme not to mess with as William Hurt found out the hard way.

8. Hugh Jackman, X-men (1, 2 & 3): Who doesn't love a cigar-chompin' Canadian with crazy hair, a few rough edges and indestructible claws.

7. Michael Douglas, Wonder Boys: What can I say? I feel a connection to down-on-their luck writers from the Keystone State.

6. George Clooney, O Brother Where Art Thou: I could've gone with the Ocean's franchise or Syriana or a few others, but for such a class act to act like a buffoon trying to get back to his kids, well, there's something there I can relate to. Just not too sure what.

5. Harrison Ford, Star Wars' Han Solo: Who else can so nonchalantly blast a bounty hunter with an under-the-table shot? I wish I could.  Having a Wookie as a best friend ain't bad either. 

4. Tom Hanks, Saving Private Ryan: I only wish I could be that stoic under a hail of bullets - real or figuratively. And hey, the guy was a high school English teacher from the Keystone State (is there a pattern here?).

3. Russel Crowe, Gladiator: A leader that commanded respect not by virtue of his position, but by virtue itself. You don't screw with a guy like that.

2. Christopher Reeve, Superman: Come on. Did you really think I wouldn't make reference to the Man of Steel himself? The guy was a nobody before this role and he nailed two characters Clark and the Big Blue Boyscout. 

and the top spot...

1. Paul Newman, The Sting: The classiest of all class acts in the business. Honestly, I could list a top 10 with nobody but Newman, but confidence man Henry Gondoff tops them all. That part where he shows up "drunk" to the poker game and announces he just took a dump - do you know how many times I've thought of that scene showing up late to a meeting.

And as is traditional with memes, it's time to pass the torch. I don't like to force people to do these, so it's always their choice. I also use these to share a few blogs many readers may not be familiar with, but should. Here they are: Eric (Oh My God I'm A Daddy), Andrea (Blogging Mama), Hugh (Dude to Dad)Michel (Facts Are Strictly Optional), Todd (Steely Dad), and Chris (Maugeritaville)

Like I said, it's their choice but at the very least go see their sites.

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