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I know many of you have contacted me concerning my whereabouts of late. No, it's not because of the pummeling received at the hands of Cpt Dumbass (Hmmm Clark Kent get's whooped by CPT Dumbass? Sounds like a plot for a comic book). The actual truth is that of late, I've hit a bad string of rejection letters for various pieces I've written which, for a writer, is a proverbial kick in the bad parts. By some mysterious code (probably made up by Edgar Allan Poe), this causes said writer to do a couple things. One, get sloshed (check) and two, become extremely self-reflecting (check). Usually these occur in conjunction with each other.  

It was during this time, I determined that my writing efforts needed a bit more focus while other area, such as, say, daily blog postings and betting on dog races, would have to take a lower priority. Don't get me wrong, I love this community and meeting great new people. However, there are just so many things you can do in a day, and aside from family, writing for publication has to come first. Even so, it's made me feel horribly disloyal to many of you. It's difficult for me to say "no" to anyone, including me which is probably why I am justifying myself right now. 

So, will I still be posting on the Lunchbox and reading your blogs? Absolutely. Will it be everyday? Probably not. And there's one other unrelated problem plaguing me. I suck at self-promotion. I get weird even fronting a blog post on Twitter. From everything I keep reading, this is a bad thing for artists, photographers, writers, etc, who are on their own. Even my wife gets on my case for holding back. That said, I'm going to plug a recently accepted original submission published by the creative team at Sloth Jockey

Sloth Jockey is an online venue for artists of all types to display their work which includes photography, video, music and of course various writing genres. The name of my submission is:

Self Promotion Warning: Go take a look & leave a comment at their site if you think it's warranted (I feel dumb just saying that - Baby steps, CK).

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