If You're A Dad And...

Ok, so I've been MIA this week both posting and reading, not to mention replying to comments, especially to new readers (sorry all). Frankly, it's been a miserable past couple of days, but I've been putting this particular post off way too long. Today, however seemed like a perfect moment since the weekend would allow you the chance to further explore these opportunities during your copious amounts of free time. So, before I commence with my unconscionable prattle, I'll just get right down to it.

If you're a Dad (you could be a Mom too) and...

...you want to be in a book.

Tanni Haas, a Brooklyn-based author and father of a 5-year old boy, is writing a book about fatherhood.

To that end, he is looking for fathers of all ages and backgrounds to share their favorite "Daddy Moments" - situations where they learned something significant about what one should or should not do as a dad. These anecdotes can deal with any aspect of fatherhood, from the first time you changed the diaper on your newborn to saving money for your college-bound teenagers. Your observations can be serious, funny, self-reflective – and everything else in between. You decide!

If you want to share your favorite "Daddy Moments," please access the following brief (one-page) questionnaire FOUND HERE.

Guys, I read your blogs. I know you have stories to share with Tanni.

...you have no words to describe what your kids just did now.

Then you need The KidDictionary: A Book of Words Parents Need But Don't Have by children's author Eric Ruhalter. From what Eric told me The KidDictionary is a glossary he compiled after finding himself "unable to describe a great many of the phenomena predominant in his life owed to the fact that he had children." Reading through the various terms Eric compiled, I have to say, they are as clever as they are funny, and accurately convey those moments when your kids have just done...uh, whatever it is that they did. Here are a few examples:

WISHJACK: To maliciously blow out the candles on another child's birthday cake.

KODICK: The child who refuses to cooperate in the taking of a family photograph

INVISIBOOBOO (in-VIZ-uh-boo-boo) n: – The site on a child’s body where you unnecessarily applied a Band-Aid to appease them when they got hurt, though did not bleed. (Ya, I soooo know about this one! Read this rant.)

THREEMAGEDDON (three-muh-GED-in)–n.: The supposed hellfire and brimstone that would erupt should an annoyed mother reach the third digit while counting aloud to 3 to get a non-compliant child to get his act together.. “ONE !….TWOOOOOOO !!!!….. ”

TheKidDictionary is inexpensive (look here) and is a perfect shower gift for new moms or grandparents not hip with today's newfangled ways of talking. Now your three-year old can no longer complain that "you just don't understand" them.

...you have your own Daddy Blog and you like (or pretend to) like people.

If you've been involved in the blogosphere for any amount of time, especially as a parent, then you already know there are a bevy of networking sites expressly designed to promote your own blog while meeting other lonely souls with no connection to the outside world save for a mouse and an Internet connection. Several weeks ago I was invited to join Dad Blogs, and from the first page-load, the site made an impression. Maybe it was the functional layout or the compatibility features that interact with my blog posts and Twitter updates. Then again, it could be because there's a forum group dedicated just to fathers with minivans (I'm not bitter), and then there's always the contests they run (you can get money!). I really couldn't pinpoint the reason exactly, but in any case, I invite you dads (and lest I forget, there's even a section for mommies) to sign up for a Dad Blogs account. It's free, everyone's friendly and there's beer.

... you like comics or need a cartoonist.

David Wright is a writer/cartoonist and former journalist who started a new blog called I Draw Comics where he talks shop and shares musings on pop culture through his comic strips. David also penned Todd and Penguin: Embrace Your Inner Dork, which was published by KeenSpot Entertainment, and is currently working on a children's book for the near future. The guy's talented, but beyond his work, David is also a first-time father which he writes about on his popular blog BloggerDad. Whether you're looking for a few chuckles, in need of some illustrated comic work, or just like reading daddy blogs David's sites are worth stopping by.

...have found that resolution to get healthy is now inconveniencing your schedule.

It's been almost a month since New Years which is right about the time you discover it's harder to stick with your 45 minute work-out routine on a consistent basis than what you first thought. What if you could still accomplish your fitness goals in only 10 minutes? That would be easier, but is it realistic? I didn't think so until meeting fellow dad, blogger and Superman nut, Ed Scow who is a personal trainer better known by his superhero identity The Fit Dad. His workouts are simple but no so much that they sacrifice their effectiveness. The Fit Dad's program isn't just about exercise; however, as it also includes a realistic diet that you don't have to choke down like a leathery old Power Bar. To find out more read my review and then get all the details at The Fit Dad's site Fat Loss To Go (see the ad at the top of this page). People, it's 10 minutes a day. That's like cheating and feeling good about it.

Take some time this weekend after shoveling snow, watching the game or baking a marble cake to look these opportunities over. Have a good'un.

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